Mastering Your Success

A Step-By-Step Process with Grace Edy

Mastering Your Success

A Step-By-Step Process with Grace Edy

Worried You'll Wake Up Years From Now Knowing Life Has Passed You By?

Worry No More

Looking back I realise how much time, effort and energy I put into trying to force myself to feel connected and fulfilled in my corporate job. I pushed and pushed and pushed hoping that I could force my way through to big changes but all I got was disheartened and feeling more lost than ever. I kept on getting into the same patterns which led me to the same dead ends. I know so many people who live this life day in and day out – this draining, disconnected and dissatisfied life. There has to be more to life but how do we get there?

It's Not Too Late!

The solution seems so simple now it has been unlocked. When you feel like you aren’t making progress in certain areas of life who do you turn to – a fitness trainer, a dietitian, a mentor. Someone who can help assess where you are, get clear on where you want to be and support you in doing the work to move forward. Someone who has a clear process for defining your success and tools to help you make progress. So why should your life be any different?

Enter your Coach.

Finding yourself in a space of nonjudgement solely for the purpose of focusing on your future is one of the most empowering things one can do. Taking time to investigate who you are with the support of an objective partner who will hold you accountable to yourself. Developing a personalised strategy around how to live life – now that is priceless!

Are You Ready to Do The Work?

The Work Coaching Process is more than just a coaching package, it has a clear structure but with a personalised twist. Meeting you where you are at, supporting you on getting clear about your future and partnering on getting you moving towards it. I like to keep things simple so there is only Your Work.

Your Work

Your Work gives you you need to get started on your road to success. 

  • Completion of an Energy Leadership TM Index (ELI) Assessment (kind of like a personality test but so much more)
  • ELI Report and debrief session (1.5 hours) where we walk through the findings
  • 8x 1 hour one-on-one coaching sessions (online) focused on learning key tools and principles (from COR.E Transitions Dynamics TM) to enable you to clearly define your goals, create your vision, take action, start to identify what is getting in your way and set yourself up for success. As well as introduce you to the 10 COR.E Influencers and 6 COR.E Disciplines.
  • Including an easy and simple to use workbook detailing the key principles, tools and exercises. Empowering you to revisit key areas of learning whenever you need it!

But wait there's more:

  • Access to additional ad hoc coaching sessions focused on specific challenges, COR.E Influencer or COR.E Discipline (at an additional cost)
  • Unlimited email access to your coach between sessions
  • A free app designed to support you on your journey (it’s like an in the moment ELI assessment)

Imagine Who You Could Be

Imagine waking up feeling like you are living your best life. Imagine having confidence in the choices you make because you have a clear vision of where you are going and how you are going to get there. Imagine speaking with clarity and authenticity at home and the office. Imagine not just speaking but also being heard. Imagine being respected for who you are and what you bring to the table. Imagine life feeling effortless as it works with you to move you forward each day. Imagine knowing your full potential and tapping into it each day.

Well that’s where we want to get you to. Together, with putting in the Work, we can start to get you there.

Find Clarity

Develop a personal blueprint for success.

Build Confidence

Ask for what you want and the support you need.

Gain Tools

Empower yourself to keep on tackling life’s obstacles.

How Ready Are You to Choose a Better Future for Yourself?

Life does not have to be a struggle and a drain. There is more to life than this and you owe it to yourself to take advantage of it. If you are ready to do what it takes to make lasting life changes complete the application below. I will get back to you in 24 hours with next steps. If accepted, I will guide you through a life changing process of self discovery and leave you with a master plan that you can take forward for the rest of your life.

Buckle up!

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